Spring Spectator Protocol

Hello Arcadia Raider Fans,

After much discussion, we are excited to announce the following protocols for fan attendance at our Spring Athletic Venues for Football, Baseball, Boys Golf, Girls Soccer, Softball, and Track. It is our hope that these policies work so it won't be required to limit attendance at our spring events.

Football, Baseball, Girls Soccer, Softball and Track

Our goal is to allow unlimited fans with the expectations that masks be worn at all times and that you sit with your family pod. Non high school aged students attending will be expected to sit with their parents or in the family pod that they arrived with for the game.

We will have further instructions for high school student attendance, but at this release we expect students to maintain 3 feet distance between each other and that all students mask up for the entire time they are on school grounds. 

Baseball and softball fans ware encouraged to bring lawn chairs that will assist in the spacing of those who are in attendance. Football and soccer fans will not be allowed on the track. The bleachers and outside the fence area will be open to those fans.

Our hope is that this will be successful so limiting fans will not be necessary. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Spectators should attend with masks on and remain in their family pod. Fans should respect the course rules and the golf etiquette practices by following the participants in the rough, cart paths and remain off the t-box, fairway and greens.