Service and Sacrifice - Two core values students are learning in Character and Leadership Development class

At the beginning of 6th period each day, you will find Mrs. Wais’s Character and Leadership Development students collecting garbage throughout the high school and cleaning the lunchroom. These students are learning how to be successful leaders, part of being a leader is making sacrifices to provide services to those that you are building relationships with. 

The Character and Leadership Development courses focus on building characteristics that fosters strong relationships which allows leaders to implement positive change. Attributes of a successful leader include commitment, honesty, humility, selflessness, kindness, patience, respect and forgiveness. With a growth mindset and practicing these character skills, students can become strong leaders if they have the willingness to do the work. To practice these skills, students selected the service of garbage collection to help the custodial staff and cleaning the lunch room to help the food service staff.

Rick Nelson, Director of Buildings and Grounds, stated, “Mrs. Wais's Character and Leadership Development students are doing a great job. This year, not only are they collecting the garbage but on Wednesday's they are cleaning the lunchroom tables, folding them up and moving them out so the lunchroom floor can be scrubbed. This is something that one custodian cannot do on their own. They have been a huge help and a timesaver for our staff. We appreciate all their efforts”.