School District of Arcadia Launches New Math

The School District of Arcadia is very excited about our journey in selecting new math curriculums for the school district.  Bridges in Mathematics is used at the PK-5 grade levels and is in the 2nd year of implementation.  This year Grade 6-8 along with Alg. I, Geometry, and Alg. II classes are all using a program called Illustrative Mathematics.  

Both of the programs are rooted in problem solving and developing deep understanding of math knowledge rather than just memorizing formulas or step by step processes. Students are having conversations with their classmates about the math they are learning, and share out their thinking as they work through problems.  Students engage in learning math through models, hands -on activities, pictures, drawings and apply this to real world situations.  

Many parents ask, “How do I help my child with their math when it looks so different then the way I learned it?

Even though math looks different, there are many ways you can help your child explore math.  By being open to learning, and talking to your child, you can help them to develop strong skills and a love of math.  Invite your child to talk about math.  Ask, “Did you do a problem like this at school?” “What did you do to solve it?”

Another strategy is to have your child focus on the pictures or visuals presented. Ask, “What do you notice about the pictures or visuals that can help you?”  “Where do you see the numbers?”

Most importantly, encourage them and let your child know they are capable learners.  Mistakes are celebrated and are an expected part of the learning journey.    

If you have additional questions or are looking for support, please reach out to your child’s classroom teacher.