Interior Design Students Create Design Boards
Arcadia High School students have the opportunity to be exposed to the career path of Interior Design. In this Career and Technological Education(CTE) program, students learn the seven foundation elements of design; shape, color, space, form, line, value, and texture. Interior design professionals have a special creative eye and a strong attention to detail. Students had to choose a person and a specific room type such as a bedroom to design for that person. After interviewing the chosen person, students started drawing the room and sorting through design materials. They selected the color scheme, identified what would be the wall color, flooring, furniture and lighting. The finished product was a design board that showcased their design choices, a scaled floor plan and samples of room decor. Interior design is one of the many CTE course opportunities that the School District of Arcadia and the TVC 2.0 offers to students. To learn more about CTE course offerings please visit