Inclement Weather Days

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the School District of Arcadia is now delivering remote instruction through the use of live-streamed video, Google Classroom, and Google Meet. Since the district has these capabilities, remote learning will now also be used on inclement weather days.  In the event that we have an inclement weather day and the school buildings are closed, students will now have a remote learning day and will log onto their devices and follow the remote learning schedule that is set up for each school building.  Students will be expected to log in to the class, participate in the class, and complete any activities that are assigned on that remote learning day.  Although this changes the way we handle inclement weather closings, it also creates a situation in which we no longer need to make up instructional days and hours by adding days to the calendar to make up for the lost learning time when school buildings are closed.  We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring your children will fully participate in these remote learning activities whenever school buildings are closed. 


  • Students will log onto their devices 8:30 a.m. and follow the teacher’s instructions. Teachers have been encouraged to do a morning meeting with their students. 
  • From there, teachers will possibly provide review learning opportunities, project based learning opportunities, learning packets, or your child may be interacting with a Bitmoji classroom that the teacher created.
  • After the teacher deems when the class is over for the day, students are encouraged to play in the snow.


  • MS will go asynchronous for an inclement weather closure.  Students have the day to complete the assigned, review task.
  • Teachers will have first period task posted by 8:15; all other periods to be posted by the beginning of 2nd hour on Google Classroom.
  • The assigned task should be completable within a 30-minute timeframe.
  • Students with wifi issues will be allowed to complete assignments when back in school.
  • Teachers will be online and checking emails during the inclement weather day in case students need assistance and/or have questions.
  • Attendance logged as present when assigned task completed.


  • Teachers will be online during the scheduled class period for supporting students via Google Classroom, Google Meet, and email. 

  • Students will have the school day to complete assigned tasks and will be marked as "present" for the class period when the assigned task is completed/turned in.

  • Teachers will have first-period tasks posted by 8:15 AM; all other periods will be posted by the beginning of 2nd hour.

  • For a snow day, advisory and Advisory Study Hall will not meet.