High School Trimester Two Student Highlight
Please join us in congratulating our students who were nominated by each department as the “Trimester Two Students.” These students have engaged and invested fully in the great opportunities that education provides. We are proud and inspired by their example. 


Tristan Lyga - It has been great having Tristan in Floral and Landscape class. He has tried many new things in this class and was willing to help other students. He uses his time wisely and looks for things to do beyond what is asked of him in class..


Mackenzie Wolfe - Mackenzie has shown determination and devotion to band. She shows up to every single performance, even those not required and continues to put effort into learning new music and fixing mistakes.


Hallie Tulip- Hallie is an ambitious young lady who strives to do a good job. She can work independently and will be ready for the next chapter in her education.


Hallie Tulip - Hallie ALWAYS knows her voice part for every song we sing and she sings it loud and strong. She is definitely a singing leader in the alto section. She is also the BEST CHOREOGRAPHER EVER!!! Hallie I will miss you so much next year, PLEASE keep singing and come back to visit often.


Morgan Baier - Morgan is always going above and beyond to help her fellow classmates. She helps with scholarship applications, yearbook, graduation, and in many other areas as needed. She is a great role model!


Miguel Posada Gutierrez Miguel finished the trimester strong. He finished with good grades in his classes. Miguel is a self-advocate and knows when and how to ask for support when needed. The most impressive part is that he received those grades by working independently most of the time. Well done!


Rachel Knudsen Rachel constantly goes above and beyond in both interior design and personal finance. She is dedicated to her work and it shows.


Ted Teske Ted goes above and beyond to help other students in the class. He never just "gives answers" to his friends, but he takes the time and patience to really make his peers understand the material. He asks them teacher-level questions, he has a fantastic sense of humor that always makes class better, and he is incredibly kind and selfless in his work to help others. Ted did wonders for our 2nd tri math class, and I am so grateful that I get to be his teacher.

Adan Cortez Gama Adan is such a hard worker, he uses his time wisely, and always meets school deadlines. He advocates for himself if he needs help and seeks to understand the classwork, your dedication and perseverance are fantastic Adan!


Rae Jensen-Schaffner Rae stops at nothing to completely understand every last problem in algebra II! Her enthusiasm for math makes my day.


Oscar Chavez Oscar has been a fantastic participant in our Chemistry Class this Trimester. His passion for Chemistry is clear and the enthusiasm he brings to our discussions is much appreciated.

Raiya Heffner Raiya worked hard to become an outstanding student in the Biology classroom. Greeting her in class each morning was the perfect way to start my school day.


Nestor Badillo Hernandez Nestor is a good student, but more importantly, he is a good human being. He is responsible, kind and hard-working. He makes the world a better place, just by being in it.

Everardo Aguilar Sandoval Ever is a great role model to other students in both academics and behavior. In history class, he excels academically with his superb critical thinking skills, and he always does quality, thorough work on his assessments. Ever also actively participates in class and asks great questions. However, what I respect most about Ever is that he comes to class with a positive attitude, and is kind and respectful to his classmates and teachers.

Yariza Luna - Yariza has worked incredibly hard this semester in AP Government. Despite being gone at the beginning of the trimester she earned an A+ in this college level course. She never complains, always asks questions, and puts in extra time outside of school to master the content. Yariza not only excels academically, but is a great asset to the classroom as a kind role model who is willing to help others. She should be so proud of her accomplishments!


Kelly Flores Miss Flores gives it her all in drama both in class and outside of class. Her bubbly personality and helpful/kind attitude makes her an awesome student to have in class. Plus Kelly is a GREAT actress.


Monty Hadley Monty is such a great student! Love having him in any of our PE classes. He puts forth great effort everyday, not matter what unit we are doing. He is a real team player and will work hard and work with all and any of his peers. He works on also building his knowledge and understanding of the games and will always contribute in class discussions. Great work ethic and attitude Monty! Keep it up!