First Trimester High School Student Spotlight
Student of the Trimester

Mathematics- Judith Bautista

Judy is always "present" in the math classroom. When I'm teaching and I'm looking out at the students in front of me, I can count on Judy to be looking right back, fully engaged, and working her hardest to understand. When she struggles, she has the courage to ask questions. When she misses something, she seeks out an explanation. Judy's willingness to engage in the material makes her an incredibly worthy recipient of this award.

Student of the Trimester

Mathematics-Tristan Lyga

Tristan not only puts in A+ effort but is a fantastic tutor to many others in class.

Student of the Trimester

Music-Olivia Mooney

She has stepped up and been a leader within the band and clearly in other classes. She also helped fill me in on missing details when I came in as the director.

Student of the Trimester

Science-Inari Terrazas

Inari has done outstanding work on all aspects of our classroom activities and assessments. She has turned in phenomenal projects, in fact some of the best I have ever had submitted. She is a quiet but gifted student and a pleasure to have in class.

Student of the Trimester

Physical Education-Alanna Hurlburt

Alanna was a virtual student and she did a fantastic job. She was very responsible with her daily participation and completing her workouts and assignments at home. She was very mature in handling communication as well, sending emails to me about homework or missing days.

Student of the Trimester

Social Studies- Simon Haines

Simon always tries his best, is a very kind, respectful person, and a great student! He is a role model for other students, and his hard work does not go unnoticed!

Science- Crystal Maldonado

Crystal is a hard worker who is willing to work with and help any student. She pushes herself to always learn more and applies thorough scientific thinking/reasoning to every problem presented to her in class. I love working with Crystal and I know that she will continue to find success in the future.

Student of the Trimester

Language Arts-Luis Aguilar

Luis was an excellent student in my first trimester English III class. He consistently asked for help so that he could turn in assignments that were done to the best of his ability. I would also say that he has grown tremendously from his freshman year to his junior year.

Student of the Trimester

Music-Lane Huebner 

Lane is a tremendous leader in choir. He is always willing to help out in any way possible. His voice is FANTASTIC and others love it when he sings karaoke for us! Thanks for your leadership Lane!