Congratulations to Emily Instenes, Elementary Special Education Teacher, and recipient of the March Stronger Together Award
Each month all staff members have the opportunity to nominate their peers for the School District of Arcadia Stronger Together Award. The purpose of the Stronger Together Award is to recognize employees who serve our district in an exceptional manner by collaborating with staff, inspiring students and engaging families. Congratulations to Emily Instenes, Elementary Special Education Teacher and recipient of the March Stronger Together Award.
Emily works with our students who have the most significant intellectual needs. Through her teaching she creates opportunities for her students to be as independent as possible. Not only does she promote their independent growth in the classroom, she will take her students on field trips to expose them to different community settings in which they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to do.
Her students' days are filled with activities to help build strengths in academics, communication, independence and health. She looks at each student as an individual and programs their days to build growth in all these areas.
She does an excellent job of creating equity for her students by providing them with opportunities they may not otherwise have had. She will often bring to our attention the abilities of what her students can do rather than concentrate on what their limitations are. She is truly an advocate for the equity of all of her students.
Additionally, Emily does a great job of educating the staff that work in her classroom to also stand up for their students and to help them be the best they can be.
The School District of Arcadia is grateful for Emily and thank her for his dedication to the Arcadia community.