ACT Practice Test November 1st for all Juniors

Junior Students and Families in the Graduating Class of 2024,  

It is that time of year!! The Practice ACT is next Tuesday, November 1, 2022.  This practice is provided so you have an idea of what the test will look like in March, and gives you the opportunity to see how you will do! We will administer  this test very closely to how it will be run in March so you get a real feel for what it will be like. With this, here is what to expect:

  • Arrive at school between 7:30 and 7:45am - this is VERY IMPORTANT!!!
  • Report to the commons for a grab-n-go breakfast (no food or drink allowed in testing rooms)
  • You will be split up into groups, and your proctors will meet you and take you to your testing rooms at 8am 
  • **IF YOU ARE LATE TO SCHOOL, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO JOIN - you would go to your regularly scheduled classes (and remember this is part of your graduation requirement, so do what you need to do to be here!!!!!)
  • Once in your testing rooms, you will proceed through the tests in the following order:
    • English (45 min), followed by a 5-minute break in your testing room
    • Math (60 min), followed by a 5-minute break in your testing room
    • 10-min bathroom/snack break (we will provide) - you cannot return late, so be quick!!
    • Reading (35 min), followed by a 5-minute break in your testing room
    • Science (35 min)
  • You will finish around 11:30 - just in time to report to lunch!


  • Food, drinks, cell phones, and smart watches are not allowed - these need to be in backpacks that you can keep by a wall, or will be collected by your proctor as you enter - 
  • Please remove all hoods/hats/head coverings, as well as ear buds, apple watches, fitbits,...any devices that would have electronic communication
  • YOU NEED A FULLY-CHARGED DEVICE FOR THIS - you may want to charge it in your Advisory Room the night before!! Be sure to pick it up BEFORE 7:55am if you do this!!
  • Eat a good breakfast & get a good night’s sleep the night before - you will be AMAZED at how differently your brain will function!!